Jan 23, 2012

Another wrecked Monday

On Mondays, I drag myself out of bed… Hanging in between last week’s tiredness, the week-end’s hangover, the morning cold and the thought of the busy day ahead, I just don’t want to move. So I pull myself together, turn my alarm off (after snoozing it several times) and sit under the covers… it’s too cold, I’ll lay down again and think about what to wear while in bed: How about a blue jeans with a black sweater? mmmmmm not a catch, I’m not a big jeans fan! A dress? It’s too cold for that! My new purple top? It’s Monday, I’m not in the mood of wearing something new! Okay then… anything that matches with any other thing! That black legging with the top I truly hate and wish to get rid off! DONE!

Looking back at my clock, I realize I can still nap for 10 minutes.  A new alarm is set and off I go to 10 more minutes of sleep! 1,2,…. **alarm goes on** Already?! I wonder how 10 minutes can run this fast when I need them most! It’s as if my clock looks at me and thinks to itself: “Oh boy, you really need the sleep because I’m about to run a marathon and make 10 minutes pass as only one!”.

Just 3 minutes before I should leave the house and get to the office on time, I finally jump out of bed to discover my room is fully heated because of both: the central heating system in the house and the heating unit in my room. The cold must be all in my head.

A quick freshening, facial basics, tooth brushing and hair lifting, I slip into my clothes and run to the car…

Though the weather is almost perfect outside for a winter morning and my clothes are quite warm.  Though I got to work on time regardless of my laziness in bed and found my Nescafe ready and warm on my desk.  Though I had no arguments the past 24 hours with people I really care about….

I simply could not consider this morning a good morning… It was simply another, wrecked, Monday morning!  For unknown reason… Moreover for one known reason: It's Monday!


  1. Look at the bright side, you have a warm room, but anyways Mondays will stay have this bad morning all life long, unless you start your own business and be your won boss :D

  2. If I become my own boss, I'll still go to work on time to give a good example to my employees ya Manal ;)