Mar 31, 2016

Men, women - The First Date

Online connectivity, 24/7 chats, open-ended relationships, casual buddies, friends with benefits, everything, literally EVERYTHING around us is putting end, slowly, to that First Date night, that hype and excitement both a guy and a girl once felt.

But I believe in first dates. Today, in 2016, I still believe in those!
As a friend once told me: “A date is not a date unless he picks you from the house”… with a flower I might add!

Those who know me enough know that I am not an endless romantic person. I am rather a down to earth one. Of course I am sensitive and emotional but I also have a high sense of logic and logic.  Sometimes I might even “kill the moment” because I overanalyze and thinks things, out loud.  I demand and need a logical answer to anything. I set a timeframe to end an argument. I write the pros and cons of every conversation I ever have with a man. I ignore the cons when I am emotional of course. But above all those: I believe in first dates.

“Prince Charming” does not have to come on a white horse with a red flower.  But he can come with a flower or a chocolate box. Why not!
The home pick-up and first glimpse courtesy is definitely a must, no girl doesn’t like to be called cute or pretty (guys, avoid using the term “hot” on a first date!).  The dinner date, dessert, good talk and laugh can’t be replaced.  The walk back to the home door, good night kiss and hand touch are ageless and worth millions!

No, this has nothing to do with romance and non-realistic expectations. But living in the era of technology and non-communication, I strongly believe it is important to keep some basic steps of dating: the first date fuss, the one-on-one monthly dates, the quality time spent together.  All those intimate and “alone” moments that make the couple feel alive, existing and real! After all, there is nothing more annoying and unreal than those friends I see continuously going out in groups and discussing a potential marriage (sorry but all I can hear is a secret recipe to a divorce!).

So girls, dream big and don’t accept to be called a “date” unless you are treated like a real one.
Guys… it’s time you turn the game button on: go pick that girl of yours up tonight for a tête-à-tête dinner. It’ll be a blast!

Mar 23, 2016

Health and Fitness - Easy Tricks To Eat Less

When it comes to reducing your food intake, it is not only about the quality and quantity of food you are processing but also the habits you take before, during and after meals.

Therefore, I decided to list few easy tricks that can help you reduce your hunger and control your intake:

1. Drink water
I hate water. All those who know me know it drives me nauseous. However I learned that have a glass of water before and after each meal not only hydrates you but also helps you highly control your eating habits. Sparkling water is my life saver!

2. Wait 30 minutes before having a second plate
The brain originally needs 20 to 30 minutes to process the order of your stomach that it is full. Measure your meal, eat, have your water and rest. Before you know it you'll start feeling less hungry and at ease with the one portion you just had. 

3. Start with a salad
Colors are healthy. Have a lot of them! They are the easy/healthy/less calorific way to fill your stomach. Beware of your dressing choice though!

4. Find your body pace
Whether you pick 3 meals a day or 3 meals intervalled with snacks, try to find your own pace. I, for instance, learned that snacking doesn't work for me and keeps me wanting more and eating around the clock. 

5. Serve your food in smaller plates
Smaller plates mean smaller portions.  And no matter how smart that brain of yours is, trust me, you can trick it!

6. Don't eat infront of the TV
Especially not action movies!

7. Don't eat when upset
That's what we call comfort meals. And comfort meals never fill your stomach, they only work on the hips and belly. 

8.  Sleep well
No matter how many times we repeat it, 7 to 9 hours of sleep are a must. Sleep! As much as you can. You burn calories when you sleep too by the way!

9. Ditch the "Healthy Snacks"
As simple as that is: there is nothing called healthy chips, popcorn or variety of things to nibble on. You want to bee healthy? Go green and turn lettuce into your best friend! And dark chocolate is not less fatty than regular chocolate, it still has butter in it!

Now that the rules are set, say hello to a healthier you!

Mar 16, 2016

Guess what.... I'm high-maintenance!


The first time someone called me high-maintenance, I freaked out! Those who know me closely know I am not interested in prestige, money, jewelry, designer’s stuff, etc. How dare he call me high-maintenance?!

The Urban Dictionary (only dictionary to my knowledge that defines the word) defines a High-Maintenance Woman as someone who “has higher than normal expectations; has a greater requirement for affection or attention; has more needs and/or demands and therefore more difficult or challenging. Doesn't equate to money or material possessions alone but may be needy in emotional attention and affection; picky, bratty, likes things her way, takes pride in her appearance, finicky. Usually very well put together and usually independent therefore requiring a lot out of a man to keep up with her.

Now this being read, I flipped! Does it mean I am independent and reflecting a wrong image of myself? I never said I did not need a man! I never willingly disrespected a man’s presence in my life or his authority in a relationship. I had my flaws, yes. I tried to get things my way, of course yes!

But was I really high-maintenance? And was it a bad thing?

Life was sweet and bitter to me since a very early age. So I grew-up too early (though sometimes I sadly still act like a grade 7 student!) and I grew-up knowing what I want and refusing to settle for anything less.  I wanted butterflies, so I chased butterflies. I wanted crazy things so I chased craziness.  I wanted to grab childhood like a diamond treasure and I never let go of its innocence. I mess up like a child and apologize like a little kid who just realized he won’t have candies for the rest of the week. I am sincere to an extent I sometimes blame myself as much as it puts me in trouble. I can’t hide for long. I can’t sleep on a lie. I take blame for what I do and what I don’t do. I put myself in trouble just to be truthful and then find a way to get out of it. I try hard to be genuine and nice, not to bite back when someone slaps me in the face, not to turn in defense when someone backstabs me.  I believe in being nice to an extent that some call me stupid. And then I end-up being high-maintenance? What’s exactly so high-maintenance about me?

Sitting back and re-thinking things, I come to realize that when dining out, I chose the top restaurants in town; but that’s not because I am high-maintenance! That is because I rarely dine out and prefer to skip the occasional burger for a rare-cooked filet at the newly open French restaurant! I love French cuisine, what can I say?  Yes, I do wear two of the most expensive perfumes on the market but that does not make me a high-maintenance person! I do not shower in those fragrances; I use them moderately because I like them!  Yes I do invest in a piece of jewelry every once in a while, just like others invest in a Chanel bag; it doesn’t make me high-maintenance! I just invest my money where I see fit and valuable. I also do indulge in a massage session instead of coffee out twice a week. I do indulge in a good coffee instead of one on-the-go at a local donut bakery and no this doesn’t make me a high-maintenance girl, nor a materialistic one; I just spend my money in a different way than others and I see it fit that way!

No, I am not a high-maintenance girl in any way! I take pleasure in a flower bouquet picked around the corner more than one sent to me from Exotica! I take pleasure in a handwritten letter a whole lot more than a huge valentine teddy bear. I smile and giggle over a braided bracelet that matches the one someone would be wearing a whole lot more than I would to diamond earrings. And when I will get proposed to, I would care more about him wearing the same ring than I do, than me getting a 10 Carats solitaire stone because, once again, I am not a high-maintenance girl in the sense that people around me might define it.

But when it comes to feelings, emotions, passion and care… you can bet yourself I can be very needy, clingy and hard to maintain. I like to feel care, to sense it every single second. I give a lot into every relation I undertake whether it is a friendship one or a relationship once and I expect a bit in return.

Those who know me closely would even say I am more of a giver than a receiver, some other would call me stupid and silly for giving this much, while a few would say I only hurt myself by being such a giver because at the end, no one will see and appreciate and give enough in return.


What a high maintenance girl I can be at times. True. I do have a bratty character. I am strong. Opinionated. I don’t change easily. But I am also true. I apologize. I regret. I don’t repeat mistakes. I look at what’s inside the person rather than the outside. I care about how people make me feel and how they show they care rather than how much money they have in their bank account.

Because for me, being high-maintenance is a matter of give and take on the feelings and emotions part and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Mar 9, 2016

Social Media basic rules...

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and I don’t know what else… Social media is having a huge take over our lives and even replacing day-to-day interaction. Add to it chatting mediums such as Viber, WhatsApp, BBM, Messenger etc… Our life is becoming a total mess!

But just like everything in life, there are rules and regulations to follow and below is a brief on what, how and why!

Rule #1
Be nice and respectful. Whether you are sharing a thought, arguing over a status or debating over a post, always be nice and respectful.  The image you leave of yourself on social media from behind your phone or your computer is the same and true image of yourself in public. If you’re offensive online, people will not approach you enough to know what you are like in real… and vice-versa.  Also, always keep in mind that chats tend to be less personal and more firm; if you feel it heating up with your loved one pick-up the phone and call – there is nothing more comforting than a familiar voice to put things back to place.

Rule #2
Be open to various opinions. Social Mediums are a place to share and exchange ideas, thoughts and opinions. Respect those who are different, embrace them and stick to your point of view without being offensive and disrespectful.  Not everyone has to share your political opinion nor your opinion about breastfeeding or drugs. Just like in everything in life, you have to be open and respect the opinion of others online as if they were sitting in a 5 stars restaurant dining with you; be classy in your debates and replies.

Rule #3
Use the mediums correctly:
- Facebook is for connecting with friends, colleagues, family members, meeting new people, exchanging articles, videos, pictures, memories, etc…
- Instagram is to share the moment in picture. It is NOT an album book. It is NOT ok to share more than 2 posts in a row. And it is NOT ok to flood anyone’s homepage.  I unfollowed you, many of your current followers will come next.
- Snapchat is to share the moment and act silly. Nothing is saved there anyway! (unless someone catches you with a screenshot. L’horreur!)
- I don’t know much about Twitter but I assure you that expressing myself in less than 140 characters is quite challenging.

Rule #4
Hashtags. #Stop #overdoing #the #hashtag #use #, #please #google #the #proper #way# #to #use #those. PLEASE!

Rule #5
Respect your privacy and that of those around you. As much as sharing stories, funny statuses, pictures, silly post and others might be, always keep in mind to do them in a classy way without offending those around you. And above all: STOP posting your fights with your boyfriend little one. If you took time taking care of him as much as investing in insulting Facebook statuses, you wouldn’t be fighting that much! Not to mention: it really is none of anyone’s business!

Rule #6
Do not use fake pictures. There is not much to say here but please don’t! Don’t overdo filters neither. But that is not the point now. You know we can google that gorgeous figure-like profile you just posted and we know it is Allessandra Ambiosso’s one, not yours…. So not yours!

Rule #7
When you hide, hide everywhere. When you are online, answer. That’s basic respect. Just consider you are sitting on a coffee break and addressing a colleague who listens then walks away silently. How disrespectful that might be! Drop a “TTYL” (Talk To You Later) or a “BRB” (Be Right Back) even if you would be back in 48 hours… Just excuse yourself.

Et voilà…. Not that hard is it?

Mar 1, 2016

They call it plastic, I call it beauty.

Being part of the 2016 society, I am also part of the millions of people who undergo plastic surgeries and cosmetics interventions every day.  

Now being part of the Lebanese society, I am just like each and every individual out there, I struggle daily with a debate of pros and cons related to plastic surgeries and cosmetic interventions. (Oh yes, almost every Lebanese, male or female, has done something to enhance his appearance).

While some might think the second part of my introduction here-above is somehow an accusation, I strongly confirm it is not. In fact, today I will share my own experience and point of view in relation to plastic surgery.

If we look at the definition of plastic surgeries and cosmetic interventions, we notice they vary from simple jobs like facial peelings that aim to increase skin glow, to more complicated ones such as breast augmentation and tummy tucks, passing by nose jobs, face lifts, botox and filling injections, teeth straightening and whitening, breast reduction, fat removal, cosmetic tattoos, etc…  and while such interventions can and may happen for apparent various health reasons, some individuals (women and men)  decide to undergo them for a major non-apparent health reason: the well-being.

Few years back, I decided to undergo a nose job.  My decision was mainly faced by a wide opposition from many family members, friends and even plastic surgeons.  Not that I have a weak personality or that I let myself get affected by what other people think i should and should not do, but after all the negative vibes I got out there, especially from professionals who thought I did not need to reconstruct my nose, I kept postponing my surgery.

Then one day In September I woke up deciding I just want to get it done.  To my “luck”, my doctor discovered that I have few complications that are increasing my migraine and breathing problems and urged me to undergo the operation right away.  Such urge came not to encourage me, but to shut those who were against such operation and reduce the negative vibes around me.

Today, at 32, I have a cosmetic tattoo on my eyebrows and a nose job done. I had braces when I was younger, a teeth whitening session and a face peeling.

Some might say I talk freely about my interventions because I am not a public figure therefore I am not a candidate for strong criticism.

The truth is I grew old fully and publicly supportive of cosmetic interventions when done right. I believe that one should do everything possible to feel good, and if feeling good is linked to looking good then be it.

I do not believe that a girl needs to lose a breast to cancer to have the right of implants without public criticism. Neither does she have to be a TV host to hide the wrinkles on her face.  A man does not have to break a nose to have it fixed without being called names.  And a twenty-something does not have to be a bride to have her teeth whitened.

Yes, I will have fillers when I need them and I will not hide it, just like I did not hide my nose job when I had it.

No, I will not have breast or any kind of other implants. At least not for the moment. And yes, if I ever go there, I will not hide and deny it.  


Simply because just like exercising, changing a hair color, upgrading a wardrobe, etc. any type of enhancement to the looks and body is acceptable as long as done right.

So for all of you girls and boys going under the knife and not looking like a walk-around Barbie doll?

Now for all the Barbie and Ken lookalikes, honestly people, I pity you! Beauty interventions are here to enhance what you look like, not change you to look nothing like what you were.

Now, peace out ;)