Oct 31, 2016

بات لنا رئيس

I don’t talk politics.
I don’t write politics.
I joke about every politician out there.
I annoy everyone who supports any political party in particular.
My own parents do not understand who I support politically.
My own friends do not know who I vote for (or even if I vote or not).


Not because I am ashamed of my political colors, of course! But because, just like religion, I believe politics is something personal. I listen to all, get affected by none, and at the end of the day support and vote for whomever I see fit!

Exception of the day:
I will talk about Presidency...

Today I vote for Michel Aoun.
I vote for him as a Lebanese President.
Not as a member of a political party. 
Not as a Christian.
Not as a leader of a certain idealistic politically related dream.
I vote for him as my (and our) hope of change in this country; a country I learned to love endlessly without being taught to, a country I believe in and refuse to leave, a country that has been bleeding for years and years now…

Let’s put politics aside….

Today, on October 31st of the year 2016, we have a new President.

We have a President who, for once, was elected internally. You may say he was agreed upon and not elected. And I’ll say it might be true. But at least it was an all-internal decision. That deserves a clap and some points.

Today we have a President who comes from a normal, non-political Lebanese family. His father was a butcher. He worked to reach where he is today. And that of course deserves another clap and some extra points.

Today we have a President who made his dreams as a young man come true; A military man who dreamt, failed, tried and fought until he reached. Aside from politics and debates on how he reached and how he led his political life, I admire this man. I admire his will. I admire that at 81 years he still stood still and made his dream come true. It gives me hope, courage, strength. It makes me believe that dreams DO come true if you fight hard enough for them. And this deserves a clap and some more points and a big bow in respect.

Actually, we have tried every single political family out there for years and years, and no one is satisfied. Because they (the politicians) fail to satisfy us.

So I say let’s give that man a fair chance.

Today, let’s open a new book and start judging. He wanted to be elected President to show us change. Let’s be fair then and watch the change. Let’s cut the insults (not the joke! I’m sure he can take jokes, who can’t?!)

After all, like an old famous saying goes:
عند الإمتحان، يكرّم المرء أو يُهان

Oct 13, 2016

Men might get Breast Cancer too!

October is Breast Cancer awareness month (Did anyone not know this?)

And though I wouldn’t like to turn my blog page into a copy of every article about subjects you can simply google (yes, google is an official verb now) around, I still found it critical and important to highlight the subject in a brief manner for those who do not like to research and read long articles!

- 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime (if it’s not you, then it will be one of your family members or friends – Sorry!)
- When caught early, Breast Cancer has a survival rate of over 95%! (thus the big “fuss” about #PinkOctober)
- Breast Cancer does not run in the family!
- Exercising and healthy dieting reduce the risk of Breast Cancer (One extra point for exercising!)
- Women can still have children after Breast Cancer treatment.

Last but not least:
- Men can have Breast Cancer too! Though they don’t have breasts, men do have the breast tissue and this is where Breast Cancer grows and develops!

How to get checked?

I couldn’t find a better, more innovative and more supportive video than the one shared earlier this month by Jebran Atallah! I came across it by pure chance and took the approval from Jebran to share it with you all:

Oct 4, 2016

Yes, I am a sapiosexual.

What do you like about me?”, he asked.
Your brains”, I replied.

Yes, I am what modern dictionaries define as a sapiosexual. I find someone else’s mind being their most attractive attribute. 

This mainly applies to my relationships with men in general; I can deal with girlfriends who are not brainy and intellectuals (though I can only count two or three of those in my entourage), but when it comes to men, being a brainy is a total turn on (not that the physical doesn’t matter equally!).

Being blonde (mistashe’ra to be more specific), being always on the run to take care of what I look like (hair, nails, outfit), having my full focus on creating healthier life and eating habits as well as a steady exercising routine, people often mistake me to what society defines as a “blonde girl”. Men, women, family, colleagues, friends and acquaintances tend to think I am silly, shallow and superficial… well until they catch me in the middle of a debate, reading a book or simply interested in thought-provoking and stimulating happenings.

My perfect date? Take me to an Art Gallery or a Museum followed by a dinner and you got half of my attention and all of my interest to think a step further into getting to know you!

When I was younger, my friends were always interested in the hot guy who would go partying all night long. I was an still am interested in the fairly looking guy who knows how to enjoy a party and a chill-out evening every now and then (a boring brainy wouldn’t win with me neither). I always wanted someone like me -not that I am perfect in any way- but I wanted someone who would combine everything: someone who would enjoy fast food, partying till dawn, a day out chilling and doing nothing, a beach day, a silly activity, karting, bungee jumping, silly movies, sitcoms, etc. BUT someone who would also enjoy good food, reading (an actual book – magazines and online articles don’t really count!), hiking and nature discovery, traveling, art galleries, museums, someone I could spend an afternoon at the library with, etc…

I always wanted someone who would be mentally challenging for me. Someone “better” in order to turn me into a better version of myself. Some would say I am far from being a womanizer by admitting this but what can I do? I am only driven by men with brains, men who would challenge me in their conversations, men who would push me to go home and research about a certain subject, men who keep a book next to bed, men who know the proper use of vocabulary and who -above all- know their spelling (their, there and they're are not the same!), men with confidence, men with education (damn it, it’s sexy!)…