Jan 13, 2012

Re-defining "Privacy"

From the Latin word “privatus”, privacy is being separated from the rest; it is, in fact, the ability of an individual to be part of a group of people while scheduling the information he shares about himself and therefore revealing oneself selectively.

While this definition is widely spread in the western world (where they barely ask you if you are married or single when applying to a new job), our eastern society highly suffers from its non-existence.

From your parents name, age, marital status, work, friends, activities… to your name, age, marital status (sometimes even sexual status); everything is subject of questioning except the subject itself.

How? Well it’s simple!

At job interviews, they ask you about everything except your aims, goals, or the way your draw your career path (as you see it).  At family visits, everyone fails to ask about your latest news and activities.  At friends gatherings, everyone wants to hear the latest of your relationship with your significant other (boyfriend/girlfriend).  But the essence? Oh well… that’s up in the air!

Going back to the dictionary and looking closely at what privacy means, I came to discover (and to my own pleasure rub it up some people’s faces) what privacy is all about!
It’s not that I ever doubted my belief of the definition of this word, but well… with stubborn people all around (who think they are always right), such a definition came of great help!

Being private is not being secret about our lives. It is simply choosing what to tell and what to keep for ourselves. From what you do during your free time at work, to what activities you do after work, who you date, what you share, who you have coffee with, who sleeps over, who you tell your secrets to, who you share your fears with, etc.  Your own choices are your own privacy.

My life? Well yes, it’s private… What I do, don’t, whom I see, don’t, what I like, don’t… my choices, I make them all alone. Let’s say I live the western way in an eastern entourage... for those who wonder why, I highly advise to check out few of my previous blogs and read between the lines.  There is always a good lesson there, somewhere ;)


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