Feb 12, 2012

My Valentine relationship...

And I? I have an unbelievable hate/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day since I was in my sweet sixteen years. I will not sit and give the all ‘classical’ excuse of those who claim they hate Valentine (probably because they never had a good one); the one, only and oh so repeated: “I hate Valentine because every day of the year should be a Valentine’s Day”.

Oh well no… Not every day is Christmas, not every night is New-Year’s eve, and not every morning you celebrate Easter or your birthday. Valentine? Well, it comes also once a year only, on February 14th.  And while the celebrations are spread all week long, this day hold the fresh smell of sparkling ‘butterfly’ feeling.

The hate I hold within? Is for how commercial this day has become through the years; When I was 16, a girl would expect a big inflated balloon with a dedicated card for Valentine’s day.  As years passes, the expectations grew into perfume, clothing, phones, laptops, trips, wee-end escapades, etc… And in my eye? The holiday lost its genuine value, he one of expressing the importance of your partner in your eyes and life, whether you two are in love or not.  Valentine has lost the importance of sharing a special time with your significant other and caring enough to make this day special, and about you two.

A friend of mine told me a few days back that she would hate receiving “just a card” for Valentine.  Another one asked me what she should get her boyfriend for the same occasion. And from the bottom of my hate relationship I answered: something genuine, something from you to him: a card, a flower, a letter, a book perhaps or a scarf you knit, or maybe even just a special picture. Anything that is valuable. Valuable for your relationship as a couple.

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