Mar 6, 2012

13 facts women tend to ignore about men...

I am far from being an expert about men or relationships and I am definitely not here to give advises to singles or couples about how to treat their significant others; but following a fairly funny conversation I had lately with a friend of mine about the differences between the way of thinking and reacting of both sexes, I sit down today and walk down the time lane to dig 13 big facts that women ignore (or choose to pass over and ignore) about men:

1- Men hate it when we match our dresses with their tie color.

2- Men do not take their phones with them during bathroom breaks at work to check on their girl.  Men do not carry their phones around in the house.  They do not text message when they are doing any other activity (drinking, eating, cleaning, cooking, sleeping, etc…).

3- On a guy’s night out, men forget they have a girl waiting for them. They might still be faithful but trust me, they won’t feel the urge to leave the guys and check on her!

4- Men do not like sharing “feelings”.  As long as you are together it means they are happy. When they stop being happy, they break-up.

5- The only engagement assumption a girl is allowed to have is when her guy gets down on one knee with a ring; long terms relationships do not mean you are engaged!

6- Men do not like holding hands in public; he’s not your little boy and he won’t get lost in the crowd!  They won’t like it if you call them names neither (if “baby” or “sweetheart” might pass public gatherings; “teddy bear” or “my super hero” definitely won’t!).

7- An over-caring woman reminds a man of his mother. It’s that simple (I know someone who will like this if he reads this blog!).

8- It takes a man 30 minutes to do his seasonal shopping and he does not enjoy picking your summer dresses for you (not even your lingerie!); leave him home to his work or video games when you do the malls!

9- Work time for men is like Spa time for women: sacred (therefore silence is appreciated).

10- Black, White, Brown, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink and Purple are the only colors known to men. Eggplant is a vegetable. Salmon is a fish. Banana is a fruit. And Spring is just a season around the corner!

11- Unless you are getting dressed for a wedding, men do not understand why you need a long time to get ready; coffee time, lunch, dinner or clubbing are all the same and an hour is more than enough to be ready. My advice? Train on a stopwatch; it can be done!

12- When your man’s phone is off it does not mean he is cheating on you (the battery could be off, the service might be cut out, the signal might be weak, etc…).  Men are good liars, when they want to cheat, they will do it properly and the higher probability is they will break-up with you instead of cheating. It’s easier for them to be free and enjoy than hide their joy!

13- When they go to bed, men want to sleep. Holding you tight, letting you sleep on their chest while they stay as still as a statue all night long is definitely not a form of sleeping.  Cuddle, kiss, hug and get away from them.  You might as well enjoy a fairly good sleep if you try it!