Jul 20, 2012

Here comes.... my Summer Nightmare!

Here comes the bride.
Here comes the groom.
And here comes my yearly summer nightmare!

3a2belik tante!
Yalla himmiya wlo!
Aymatan badna nifrah minnik?

Having got enough from all the wedding "cliches" and kilograms of "3a2belik" that I get at each and every wedding, I decided to attend a few of a long list of weddings this summer.

I have two piles of cards in my room, one of the weddings I will attend, and another that I will not (most of those being family ones, logically!).
Those who live in Lebanon probably would know why I'm running away from  the family weddings... All the fix-up, nosey questions, "where's your date" exclamations, "let me introduce you to my son"...

And just when I thought it was all that I could get, just when I thought the 2 kilos of "3a2belik" were really enough, my gramma (whom I really adore!) called me today:

- Teta, 3rifti min rah yitjawaz?
- Kheir! (Me all excited thinking it was one of my old friends in her neighborhood or something!)
- Ya teta jeboule el invitation. W 3ezminik inte kamein! Baddik trou7e eh?
- Kheir teta. Kheir... Min rah yitjawaz?
- Wlik ibin binit 3ammo la khayyo la ibin jiran 3amma la cousinit bayyik!
- huh?
- Ba3ref teta ba3ref! Inte aslan ma bta3irfiyoun! W hinne bya3irfouke zghire! Bass mousirrin tije 3al 3iris. Ou3a ma trou7i ya teta! Ana iltillo la Fouad (my dad) anno Maya lezim trou7... Hole wejbeit w ba3dein ma fiya shi, khalliyoun yshoufo el jameil killo!
- Teta merci. Bass anno mish fadye!
- Ou3a ya teta! Ana sirit bi ekhir 3omre w b7ebbik add el dine... Rou7e w lbise w dwikhiyoun, ok? Ou3a ma trou7e ya teta!

(Tout tout tout tout!)
A sudden line cut. I could swear it wasn't intentional to cut the silly conversation but I couldn't!
Once she called back, it was my father's turn to pick that phone up and explain slowly to his mother that I am not running any pageant competition and that this card goes right into the "not attending" wedding cards pile!

3a aseis ma bi2assina the "3a2belkoun" that we, singles, get at each wedding... We should now live with the "walk the wedding walkway" comments...

What's hidden for next summer?

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