Aug 3, 2012

That sound...

It’s night. It’s cold. It’s late. I have work tomorrow and it’s time to get some sleep. I go to bed. Exhausted, I expect myself to sleep. I close my eyes. And wait. I keep waiting for the sleep to come. I wait, and wait, and wait. It doesn’t. Instead, there are thoughts of you that fill my mind. Allez, oust! Get out of my mind. I want to sleep. To rest. To hope. To dream. I want to see a happy me. Maybe even with a happy you. I want to dance under the rain. Kiss you as if it’s true. I want to laugh. To run. To go wild. I want to hug you for a long time, until the end of time. I want to touch you. Feel you close to me. Sleep on your shoulder. I want to go to bed without making love and hug to sleep, because this is what perfection is all about: a relationship that is far from being physical. I want to hold your hand under the table when we’re out. I want to sneak away from everyone just to have a moment with you alone. I want to wake up to your voice. Sleep to your sweet dreams wishes. I want to surprise you with gifts and fill your life with sweet memories. I want to shout and argue with you. I want to fight over silly things. Cry. Scream. Cry again. Get mad. So mad. I want to break-up and make-up again. I want to hug you and whisper my feelings to your ears.

I want to whisper the exact words that my pillow whispers to my ears, every night, when I go to bed. Those sweet words. That forbidden feeling. Those sounds…That sound… The sound of missing you!

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