Jul 18, 2015

23 of the things I live by...

The 23 things listed below reflect a personal opinion of the things I live by, without any disrespect for the opinion of anyone out there or around me...

1. The people you hang out with, the activities you do and the places you go to regularly say a lot about you;

2. "arguile" might be fun when occasional on a Sunday afternoon or a boring evening, but it is far from being classy. Just like smoking cigarettes (that's especially for the ladies!);

3. Every rule has its exception and a man smoking a cigar makes an exception to number 2 above!

4. Being classy has nothing to do with the brands you wear, the phone you carry, the langugage you speak or the car you drive. It's all about the attitude and the respect you show to others;

5. The type of music you listen to can define you in society;

6. If you don't hold a book (any book) and read, I highly believe you lack ambition of knowledge;

7. Education and knowledge have nothing to do with your degrees. They are proportional to the follow-up you do on yourself;

8. You don't have to know everything but you should always be eager to learn more;

9. Google can save a life. It definitely is my best friend!

10. If you can't handle an argument without screaming, shouting, cursing, cutting a phone call or blocking a chatting conversation, then you still have got a long (very long) way to walk;

11. No one is always right. Even when you hold a proof to win an argument, you should know to admit that from the other person's perspective you might not be 100% right. Always try to walk in your opponent's shoes;

12. Sometimes the people who marked your past will be your future's biggest support. Don't block anyone out;

13. A mistake is still a lesson;

14. It's 2015, if you don't live and eat clean, I will judge you. If you're too lazy to exercise because you are thin, I will tell you to get some education about health. Exercising is not only for the shape, it's for the health. Live with it!

15. First impression does count, make sure you always look good. No, I'm not being superficial or blonde but let's face it: not you, not I, and not your neighbor will take someone wearing PJ like cloths and ruined shoes seriously enough to listen and disxover the Einstein hidden behind his thoughts. Dress not to impress but at least to be respected;

16. Some fake things can go skipped (never unseen). Perfume is NOT on that list;

17. Enjoying has no age. Go out, club, dance till dawn, play in the nature, sing a silly song and race your kids to the playground;

18. To your kids, you'll look silly no matter what you do, just like your parents looked silly to you when you were younger. Ignore their comments and act silly anyway, they'll remember those memories when they grow older;

19. It's never too late to have a bucket list. Create one for each month, season and year. And another one for your lifetime. And keep it growing!

20. Getting drunk is not fun. Nausea, throw-ups, migraines, fat cravings are nothing to look forward for. Invest in a glass of fine wine or bourbon and enjoy;

21. Friendships have nothing to do with the timeframe and length of the relationship. Neither how many times you see each other or how long you spend time together. Friendship just happens. Cherish it, it's rare!

22. Judging others is okay. You have the right to define the circle of the people that surround you because they are a total reflection of yourself. But while doing that don't forget:
a. You are not better than those you define out of your circle;
b. Some old friends may never fit in but they are the most faithful people you'll ever find. Keep a place for them;

23. You are not better than anyone. Be whomever you want to be. But respect others as they are, with their differences and their mistakes, in order for them to accept you with yours.

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