Dec 18, 2015

What are you wearing for Christmas?

Red, Green, Blue, Gold and white…

No matter how much of a trend those colors are or how much of a fashionista one can be, wear them between December 20th and 26th and I ensure you everyone will think you are too much into Christmas’s spirit!

In fact, red represents the colors of the Holly Berries, which represent the color of the blood of Jesus Christ when he was crucified;

Green represents the color of the evergreen plant that the Romans used to exchange in January as a sign of luck. It’s also the color of the mistletoe (under which couples kiss for luck on Christmas) and of course the season’s hero: the Christmas tree!

Blue is the color associated to Mary, the mother of Jesus.  In medieval times, blue was only worn by Royal families and the blue paint was even more expensive than Gold!

Gold is the reflection of the star the wise men followed to reach baby Jesus in the manger; it also represents one of the presents brought to baby Jesus by one of the wise men.

As for White, the color is directly associated with peace, which is the reflection of the season!

Now while I always believed those colors were too cheesy and avoided them for Christmas’ week, they apparently reflect a strong meaning of the season! 

Looking at the pros, Christmas colors look great in pictures! They fit the mood and can make any stranger on the road smile back at you and wish you happy holidays! Spreading such joy can never be enough at any time of the year especially during December!

Now if we think about the cons, oh well… I can’t help but feel everyone on the road is wearing the same costume or going to the same themed party… oh okay, wait! It is a one themed party! It’s Christmas’ party… okay maybe it makes sense, just a bit!

Well maybe like everything in life things should be rethought every now and then… maybe (just maybe) I’ll try sticking to Christmas colors next week or wear a Santa hat while wondering around (crossing fingers I won’t look creepy!)

But whatever color you pick to wear, please… just please… don’t over-do-it!

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