Jan 13, 2016

Every dollar counts - December 2015 initiative

When I was a little girl I donated money into piggy-banks of various associations at school; Various occasions throughout the year were the occasion for representatives to pass between our school desks and offer us, students, smiles in return of small donations our parents asked us to insert in those boxes.

Those donations helped me realize the difference small amounts made in the lives of those in need.
As years passed by ad after school days, there were no more piggy-banks passed around and I noticed my donations were being rare, just as the donations of those around me. We were working though! We were all working but we were all on a budget. We could all donate small amounts but were “ashamed” to give it to any association, after-all what would 5.000 lbp do?

5.000 lbp… it would do little… but that same around did big when it was put in a piggy bank years back.

The Piggy Bank!

This past Christmas I decided to re-launch the piggy bank initiative myself between my family, friends and colleagues and decided to dedicate this first initiative to the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon. 

As such, I carried around a piggy bank around with me for over a month (and I can assure you there was nothing harder than asking people I don't know or I barely know for money and trust!).

Almost everyone chipped in.

Donations varied between 1$ and 200$.

There is this one time I was at a restaurant with a friend wanting to donate, carrying the piggy-bank inside and leaving it on the table, one of the waiters asked what it was about and generously donated.

Children opened their piggy-bank to “help buy Panadol” for the kids in need.

And a total amount of 1,126,250 lbp was collected over the course of 40 days and transferred directly to the accounts of the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon hoping it will be beneficial to add a pinch of health to the lives of those little souls who deserve to have a fair chance to experience life, in full health.

To everyone who helped, no matter how big or small your donation was, thank you.  

Thank you for your trust, collaboration, encouragement and big smiles.

A la prochaine!

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