May 24, 2016

Men, Women - The ultimate guide to understanding your lady!

Oh yes, you read it right! While many think it is (almost) impossible to understand us women and decode what we (women) say, and while the famous book of understanding women is not out yet, here is a very simple guide to understanding us!

1- No means No. Yes means Yes.
Drop the complication and what you read online. When a woman says No, she means it, there is nothing hidden behind her negative answer. The same applies when she says Yes.

2- “We need to talk” is not scary!
Women like to talk. A LOT! So when your woman tells you she needs to talk, talk to her! It’s not always about arguments and sometimes a two minutes talk will satisfy her for a full day!

3- Do what we ask… and we will not nag.
It is known that women nag, a lot… but most of the times, the nagging can be solved as easy as 1,2,3… For example, refereeing back to number 2, if your woman wants to talk, she will keep “nagging” until you talk or until you fight over her nagging. Spare yourself the nag and the relationship the argument. Talk when she asks you to do so and everything will be done in 2 minutes! Imagine… you just saved yourself from a full day of nagging in just 2 minutes!

4- It doesn’t matter how you feel if you don’t voice it loud enough!
We know you like us. We know you’re happy. We know you enjoy every second around us. We know you would have walked away if all that was not true. But knowing it is not enough, we need to hear it. And as stupid as this might sound to you, just please live with it!

5- Women DO compartmentalize
Unlike you think, if a woman comes home after a long and stressful day at work, she will not have her mood affected (when a woman is angry at home, she’s angry with you. Stop blaming it on outsider reasons / events!). In general, men are the ones who do not compartmentalize and let any argument at work affect their relationships in general, their social events and outings… I’m just saying!

6- Learn the “art” of understanding a woman’s anger…
What you read repeatedly online is so true. Now learn the following and consider it as important as your work guideline:
- When a woman looks sad and says nothing is wrong, please know that something is definitely wrong. Either refer to number 2 above or buy her flowers and chocolate.
- When a woman is sad and tells you not to as why she is sad, do not ignore her. Either refer to number 2 above or buy her flowers and chocolate.
- When a woman tell you she gained weight, pour her a glass of wine!

7- Not everything should make sense to you….
Just memorize the basics: it takes us 10 seconds to like/hate someone, 30 seconds to judge your family, 30 minutes to pick an outfit, 1 hour to pick a nail color and 6 months to change a hair-color/hair-cut. It will never make sense to you. It does not even make sense to us. But that’s just it!

8- Women are always late! (obviously because of number 7)
Stop getting upset with us every time we miss a deadline, a movie opening or make you wait in the car for a date out. Look at it this way: When a woman says she will be ready in 5 minutes, go, have a nap, and set your alarm clock to ring 50 minutes later!

9- Build yourself a circle of female friends
Between your sisters, cousins, female friends and her female friends… you’ll have a whole list of opinion options to “shop” from. Her closest female friends ususally can help best!

Last but not least….
10- As the old saying goes: Women are made to be loved and spoiled, not understood.
So when you don’t know what to do anymore, hug us, kiss us, and everything will be just fine!

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