Jun 8, 2016

How to get more Instagram hearts.... (the begginer's way)

Who doesn’t want more followers, likes and comments?

Who doesn’t fall for those cute little red hearts that pop-out every time they post a new picture, quote or video?

But to get those, there are many tricks and tips to follow… read below for some!

-          Like “famous” accounts of interesting people, not just random people who have many likers: this reflects on your “Instagram image” and gives potential followers a push to follow you as you are an interesting person. So focus on people who have your taste in sports, fashion, politics, or others.

-          Like “normal/active” accounts: It is very important to like the accounts of “normal” people. Those are your likers. Keep in mind famous people, big bloggers or people who stock on followers and “buy” followers and likes will not follow you back or like any of your pictures!
Side tip: when you like a new account, like a couple of random pictures (old and new, not all in a row). This will make the owner of the account notice you, notice you went through the whole page not only new pictures, and this will add your chances of getting him to follow you and/or like your pictures!

-          Post pictures regularly and often: create your own pace at the beginning: once a day, once every 2 days, once a week, etc… later when you reach your Instagram goal you can start going by what you want or feel like

-          Use hashtags properly: the proper use of hashtags can make you “collect” followers randomly (place the hashtags in the comment box after you post the picture). Here is a list of hashtags you can use (use the ones that fit each picture you post):
#Monday #Tuesday #Wednesday #Thursday #Friday #Saturday #Sunday #Sundayfunday #funday #friends #family #creatingmemories #weekend #week_end #guy #lebaneseguy #girl #lebanesegirl #selfie #nofilter #beirut #lebanon

-          Make your account interesting and post different things: selfies, group pictures, family pictures, food, activities, etc.  kids pictures usually get the most compassion and likes and you can stock followers. Kids are cute!

-          Follow all your followers and all your friends from Facebook and twitter: your friends on Facebook and twitter are the most likely to follow you back and like your pictures. You will need time to create a “fan base” and get likes from random people

-          Unfollow inactive accounts and non-descent ones: YES! Sometimes you need to unfollow. You’re a guy, you will get most likes from girls. But girls will not follow-you and like your pictures if you only follow models and stars. Liking a picture on Instagram is a give and take. Most people will follow and invest in people who will like their posts back!

-          Do not post ugly and/or average pictures: Use all the filters you want to use, who cares! Instagram is all about using filters and creating perfect effects.

-          Like posts, regularly: once or twice a day go online and like pictures. As many pictures as you can especially those of your active friends. Don’t like ugly pictures, after all you are not desperate for attention. But do like nice pictures. If I see an amazing picture of a friend who never likes my pictures, most of the time I skip it. Many are like that. So like people’s pictures in order to get likes in return.

To your Instagram accounts! 1,2,3 go!

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