Jul 28, 2016

I don't need a Prince Charming, I need a man...

As I was running through Facebook applications and quizzes, I thought it was amusing to take the “Who is your Disney Prince" test... And this is how I got to know the personality of MY Prince Charming:

“Your Prince knows what he wants and will go to any lengths for those he loves. He is definitely the romantic and will never fail to sweep you off your feet."

So it hit me...

The blurry thoughts disappeared, everything became clearer in my head and there I was: smiling, happy and ready to accomplish "mission impossible" and find that prince!

Oh… how I would like us to meet at a shopping mall where I would be window shopping for jewelry when he will approach me, hold my hand, drag me into the store and choose a fine diamond necklace that he fixes around my neck before asking me to join him for dinner… “But I’m in jeans” would I say… And this is when…



My neighbor, just broke up with her husband of 10 years; she said all the jewelry, the trips, vacations, parties, etc… were amazing but she missed the shoulder she needed when she had a thought to share, a suggestion to make.

My childhood friend, has been engaged for 3 years now and even though she’s about to get married next August, she is very concerned about her husband’s family. “They are extremely nice but his mother asked me in front of his uncle last Sunday if I wear thongs or briefs, and he blushed instead of telling her how inappropriate her question was… What’s next? She’ll ask for my virginity proof and discuss with me sex with her son while sipping morning coffee?”.

And then comes another friend who is dating a much younger guy who cannot afford getting married now; she’s constantly smiling and patiently waits for him to get established.

And another friend who is dating the guy who used to be the ugliest between the guys at our high school, while she was crowned school queen for 3 consecutive years… With an everlasting smile on her face she explains: “The respect he shows me is one in a million, I never thought I would easily find a guy who would look across my physical beauty… right into my soul”.

One of my closest girl friends just informed me she is getting engaged. “I’m scared, he is lovely, charming, I have fun with him, we share so much, he’s honest, he lets me take all the decisions and do whatever I want… (and then it comes, the dreadful word) BUT I don’t know … I feel when we argue, it gets too intense! I’m happy he loves me this much!”
Few days later, we meet again for coffee....
“You know what? It’s not worth it… I’m not spending my life with a guy I cannot talk to… With time I’ll get old, he’ll get old… We’ll be too tired and sick to go out, we won’t be interested in trips no more, we’ll be alone, just the two of us... I need a man to talk to, a man to understand me, my needs... a man that will encourage me not to cry yet will hold me tight if a do; a man that will protect and honor me, not only look at ways to have fun with me and tour the world; I need a man...”

There it was; reality really slapped this time...

I won't be idealistic and say I won't like receiving gifts or going on a world tour;

I won't be stupid and say I would rather live alone with no friends if my husband was next to me;


I don't need gifts from a "Prince Charming" who cannot look at me in the eyes and say he cares;

I don't need trips from a "Prince Charming" who cannot stand up for me in front of the whole world and defend my pride and dignity;

I don’t need a “Prince Charming” who doesn’t know how to say no without hurting me;

I don’t need a “Prince Charming” who will let me take all the decisions…

I don't need a "Prince Charming" who will sweep me off my feet JUST because he's handsome, rich and caring...

I don't need a "Prince Charming"... I need a man.

(This post was originally published as a Facebook Note on July 28, 2009)

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