Oct 13, 2016

Men might get Breast Cancer too!

October is Breast Cancer awareness month (Did anyone not know this?)

And though I wouldn’t like to turn my blog page into a copy of every article about subjects you can simply google (yes, google is an official verb now) around, I still found it critical and important to highlight the subject in a brief manner for those who do not like to research and read long articles!

- 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime (if it’s not you, then it will be one of your family members or friends – Sorry!)
- When caught early, Breast Cancer has a survival rate of over 95%! (thus the big “fuss” about #PinkOctober)
- Breast Cancer does not run in the family!
- Exercising and healthy dieting reduce the risk of Breast Cancer (One extra point for exercising!)
- Women can still have children after Breast Cancer treatment.

Last but not least:
- Men can have Breast Cancer too! Though they don’t have breasts, men do have the breast tissue and this is where Breast Cancer grows and develops!

How to get checked?

I couldn’t find a better, more innovative and more supportive video than the one shared earlier this month by Jebran Atallah! I came across it by pure chance and took the approval from Jebran to share it with you all:

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