Oct 4, 2016

Yes, I am a sapiosexual.

What do you like about me?”, he asked.
Your brains”, I replied.

Yes, I am what modern dictionaries define as a sapiosexual. I find someone else’s mind being their most attractive attribute. 

This mainly applies to my relationships with men in general; I can deal with girlfriends who are not brainy and intellectuals (though I can only count two or three of those in my entourage), but when it comes to men, being a brainy is a total turn on (not that the physical doesn’t matter equally!).

Being blonde (mistashe’ra to be more specific), being always on the run to take care of what I look like (hair, nails, outfit), having my full focus on creating healthier life and eating habits as well as a steady exercising routine, people often mistake me to what society defines as a “blonde girl”. Men, women, family, colleagues, friends and acquaintances tend to think I am silly, shallow and superficial… well until they catch me in the middle of a debate, reading a book or simply interested in thought-provoking and stimulating happenings.

My perfect date? Take me to an Art Gallery or a Museum followed by a dinner and you got half of my attention and all of my interest to think a step further into getting to know you!

When I was younger, my friends were always interested in the hot guy who would go partying all night long. I was an still am interested in the fairly looking guy who knows how to enjoy a party and a chill-out evening every now and then (a boring brainy wouldn’t win with me neither). I always wanted someone like me -not that I am perfect in any way- but I wanted someone who would combine everything: someone who would enjoy fast food, partying till dawn, a day out chilling and doing nothing, a beach day, a silly activity, karting, bungee jumping, silly movies, sitcoms, etc. BUT someone who would also enjoy good food, reading (an actual book – magazines and online articles don’t really count!), hiking and nature discovery, traveling, art galleries, museums, someone I could spend an afternoon at the library with, etc…

I always wanted someone who would be mentally challenging for me. Someone “better” in order to turn me into a better version of myself. Some would say I am far from being a womanizer by admitting this but what can I do? I am only driven by men with brains, men who would challenge me in their conversations, men who would push me to go home and research about a certain subject, men who keep a book next to bed, men who know the proper use of vocabulary and who -above all- know their spelling (their, there and they're are not the same!), men with confidence, men with education (damn it, it’s sexy!)…


  1. Anonymous4/10/16 13:10


    nice prose...

    but let's see... you say that a brainy turns you on (not that the physical doesn't matter) then you say a boring brainy would't win you either.

    you also say you like the average guy who enjoy a party every now and then... and you go on and describe the things you'd like to do with your "perfect date"

    Excuse me but that does not make you a sapiosexual ! you're just a person who likes fun & intellectual guys... like most girls would...

    did i miss anything ?

    1. A Sapiosexual is a person who is "turned on" by brains before physical. What I detail in the article is my opinion but let me help you out a little:
      Get me a Prince with whole lots of money, sexy, fun, who would take me tour the world for the rest of my life, cover me with gold and gifts, treat me right, work hard, and not be mentally challenging and educated enough (education has nothing to do with university degrees) and I'll send him home to his parents because I wouldn't be impressed.
      I need brains. It's quite easy.
      Not only brains of course (thus the rest of the article) but a full package guy without the challenging mental input would fail big time to impress me. And what drives me first to a guy is his brain. People who know me on a personal level would know that the firat week or two after meeeting someone i would rather talk to him to discover him out then go out and enjoy the fun/exciting happy days of the relationship.
      Convinced or need I ellavorate more?

  2. very nice :) i think i fit the bill quite well... now where do we go from here? :)