Jan 3, 2018

2018 is the pills year...

This year I’ve got no resolutions but 1: the resolution of offering pills all around, all year long!

2018 is the pills year.

Yup, you read it right!

This year I’m going to be holding a big box of various pills and I will be distributing them around as may be needed and fit. Why? Simply because I’ve had enough of negativity and people spreading negative vibes.

So here is the count:

1- The Happy Pill:
Also known as the most uncommon kind of pills, the Happy Pills will be distributed for all those who see life in black and white only.  Some should really learn to see what comes in between and all of the other rainbow colors… After all, life is full of ups and downs and one can only survive by counting the blessings.

2- The Forgiveness Pill:
No one is perfect except God. No one is mistakes free except God. No one will not harm you except God.  At a certain time of life, you’ll even harm yourself in a way or another.  And this is why God created the Forgiveness Pill and I’ll be distributing it to each and everyone around who needs it.  Drooling over arguments and bad events will spread nothing but negative vibes and stress and I strongly believe people should learn to forgive as part of their daily healing process.

3- The Blame Pill:
Unless one has a good, valid reason, supported by logical and palpable arguments… no one is allowed to blame anyone for anything around me.  We are all adults around here so stand up for your own decisions and respective consequences and remember: anything bad is a lesson learned.

4- The Chill Pill:
My second favorite pill! You know those times when you can’t handle my blunt advise, opinion or sarcasm? That’s when I’ll offer you the chill pill.  I’ve got tons. I’ll also offer it when you’re angry, upset, annoying or feeling frustrated as I really do not need that kind of negative vibes flying all around me. The Chill Pill is kind of cool you know?

5- The Brain Pill:

My favorite! J You’ve got brain, now use it. Everyone has got brains and whomever don’t use it around me will be offered my favorite pill.  Google can be of help sometimes not to utter stupid things and to limit the usage of Brain Pills in order not to overdose.

Now what about you? Is there any sort of special pill you suggest to add to my list?