Feb 8, 2018

7 gifts ideas for girls to... themselves this Valentine

If one does not love oneself, one will never be able to love others.

And so, ladies…. This Valentine you should probably think of buying a little something for yourself, whether you are single or not.

I did my little research and found the 7 little things every lady should buy herself every once in a while and guess what… all options are below 60 US$!

1- A sexy underwear set - At normal times such a set would cost way above 100 US$ but hey, sales are everywhere and some of your favorite lingerie stores even reached their 70% discount!

2- A spa treatment – maybe not a full treatment at a limited budget but you can sure buy yourself a 60 minutes massage at a fairly good renowned place or even check those ongoing online deals.

3- A VIP movie ticket – I (too) used to think those VIP theaters were overprices and overrated until I tried them out… if you’re a movie freak, the VIP treatment will definitely not be your daily treat but there is nothing wrong with watching a movie in a Lazy-Boy chair, well covered, sipping a flute of champagne.  Go ahead lady… treat yourself!

4- A fair bottle of red wine – Wine bottles prices can reach way above 60 US$ but just by going a little above the commercial average you’ll see the difference. And once you try the “good” wine, you’ll know that it is worth every dollar.

5- A box of good chocolate – just like wine, chocolate comes in different prices and tastes.  Those of you who are fans of those little gems would definitely know that a good box has its price.

6- A long bubble bath – you know those bubble bath bombs making the craze all over the internet? Get them, along with a couple of scented candles… and draw yourself a long, hot, bubble bath with soft music in the background.  You’ll never want to get up!

7- A dinner out – whether you do it alone or with the girls, make sure to enjoy a good meal on a night out.  If you lack options, there are plenty of applications that can help you pick your favorite cuisine within a budget!

Now ladies... what are you waiting for?

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