Feb 2, 2018

Beauty Talk - 34 and fabulous!

34 years in a week. WOW! What a number.

I always said I will never be ashamed of my age or hide it.  Everyone thought I was not talking straight until I started counting my years after my 30thbirthday.  Unlike many of my friends, my age did not stop at 30. I am 34 today. 34. Scary, I must admit.

I look to my reflection in the mirror and smile proudly (Oh yeah! I’m quite proud of myself); People still think I am 28 or 29 and I must admit, while my genes play a role in this (I owe my baby face to my late gramma),  my plastic doctor is the main person to thank here J

In fact, since my youth, I was always a hard supported of plastic surgeries and interventions…. But only when done right.  When I had my nose job (with a different Doctor than the one I follow-up with now), I was very transparent about it and did not hide my operation for a second.  The same went with my first lip liner injection or my first botox filler.  But while I had nothing to hide to my friends, family, or the people I cross in society, I always defended interventions as long as they looked “natural”.  As such, I am with breast augmentation if a lady is flat for instance, but I am against it if a lady already is a “C” cup!  I am with a botox injection for a lady in her mid-thirties to look in her twenties, a lady in her forties to look in her thirties, a lady in her fifties to look appropriate and decent, but I am totally against injections that turn a lady in her fifties to look like a ridiculous Barbie girl who is 23!

And so, in my quest of the “natural” look, and as I am fast approaching the “wrinkles” age, I sat down with my plastic surgeon, Dr. Chadi el Murr * and broke down the injections interventions for the face that girls my age could undergo – if and when needed – in order to help my friends realize the options they have out there.

1- Botox Injections:
Botox injections can be made for the forehead and the eye corners. Botox injections last between 4 and 6 months depending on the area treated and the depth of the wrinkle and the results appear within 48 hours of intervention.

2- Dark Circles Injections:
The treatment of under eyes hollowness and dark circles is made either with hyaluronic acid fillers injected, through a cannula, in the under eye area - a procedure which shows immediate results that last up to 10 months or with PRP (please check number 3 below).

3- PRP Treatment:
Platelet Rich Plasma injections - known as PRP - are injections made from the patient's treated blood (a portion from the patient's blood with high concentration of platelets) and that promote the regeneration of tissues and collagen.  Done over the course of 3 month - once monthly - PRP results are shown shortly after the first session and last up to 15 months.

4- Cheeks fillers:
These fillers are mainly used after an extreme and quick weight loss affecting the face. Hyaluronic acid is inserted around the cheek bones with a cannula and create a perfectly natural effect to the eye and touch. The results are immediate and last up to 6 months.

5- Nose filling:
A new technique in nose enhancement is introduced to the market for some cases where a full surgery is not needed.  Only a plastic surgeon can decide who is the right candidate for such injections and they are made with hyaluronic acid and lasts for 6 months.

6- Nasolabial fillers:
The nasolabial area is one of the first areas (after the forehead) affected by age.  This area is also treated with hyaluronic acid inserted from the lip corner up to the nose corner.  The results are immediate and last up to 6 months.

7- Lips fillers:
While lips filling has nothing to do with age, it is one of the most common interventions undergone nowadays.  Lip filling is done with a specific type of hyaluronic acid created just for the lips area and can either create a clearer contour for the lips or add more volume to them – depending on the way the product is injected by your doctor.  The results for lip fillers can vary between 4 and 8 months, depending on the patient’s lip biting habits, the use of lips scrubs, etc…

8- Gummy Smile Injections:
Treatment of gummy smiles can now be done with a simple botox injection at the inner side of the upper lip.  The results for this treatment are shown within 48 hours after intervention and can last up to 6 months.

9- Chin correction:
Chin corrections depend on the patient’s case; they are either made by hyaluronic acid injections shall the patient have a narrow or small chin or by liposuction for patients suffering from the double chin syndrome.  The results for the hyaluronic acid injections last up to 8 months while the liposuction results – shall the patient gain no weight – last a lifetime.

When asked about the most common precaution patients must undergo when visiting a plastic surgeon, Dr. el Murr stresses on the importance of the integrity and transparency of the practitioner: “A Doctor should be transparent with the patient. He should show the product he is using and explain everything regarding the procedure including the side effects or probable reactions. Also, a Doctor is here to assess the case and advise the patients on which procedure suits best their case: I studied face anatomy and beauty proportions and traits and I wish all patients would trust me when I say they had enough fillers on their lips or cheeks for instance.  I aim to turn my patients to the better versions of themselves and never to transform them into someone new or overdone dolls.

As for the most common mistake patients face when picking their Doctor, Dr. el Murr stresses on the importance of not picking the “less costly” doctor on the market: “I invite the patients to ask around for good doctors and about each intervention cost.  Of course, some Doctors are overpriced and I will not discuss those.  But also some Doctors go for very low pricing and it is important to make sure, when visiting those doctors, of the products they are using on the patients face. Patients should keep in mind that good products are more costly that medium or mediocre products and I am sure people want to inject the best available products into their face.

And on the most important note, remember to keep it simple ladies because simple is beautiful.

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