Nov 29, 2011

Sorority Drama... I quit!

While I sit to write about the girls sororities, I must admit I drafted over 10 versions of this blog. I shared and re-shared with many to take advice before publishing. After all, just like every girl, I take part of a close group of girlfriends that I do not aim to offend in any way. However, my blog remains about me, my thoughts and my way of thinking.

Drafts later. I publish.

This blog is dedicated to every girl out there because I know, every one of you, will identify herself (or someone she knows) in a story somewhere. 

Let's start by the beginning...

When I was 3, my best friend was my doll.
When I was 4, an imaginary girl (mom says I called her Pamela).
When I was 5, my best friend was my neighbor.
When I was 7, a classmate of mine.
When I was 12, we became a group of girls.
When I was 16, I believed that everyone was a friend.
When I was 18, I thought "the more the merrier".
At 22, I started to realize I was lonely. I started "recruiting "real friends.
At 28, I am blessed with girls who support me in good and bad times. 

The drama?
I left it at 18... All my friends did (hamdilla). But we all carry a little bit of our past with us, don't we? And as we grow old, we do let our infantile habits affect us in a way or another.

At 16, I had a friend of mine comment about the way I look (though I was pretty slim at that time), so I went on a diet and ended-up fainting in the kitchen. At that time, I did not realize a simple "I'm fine with my body" would be enough.
Around the same age, I started doubting my boyfriend because one of the girls (with the quantity of "best-friends" I had at that age, it was a different girl), told me he was too handsome to be faithful and too good to be true.

At 18, I noticed that by boyfriend refused to go out with my girlfriends. Devastated, I picked a fight with him trying to understand the reason behind such acts. Going out with our common friends was fun and nice. Going out with his friends was smooth. Spending time with my friends -who were boys- was more than pleasant to him. But the girls? Never! (I can't deny he tried to explain it all to me smoothly, but I refused to read the seriousness between his words... At 18, we can't really read between the lines!)

Few years later, after a break-up and years of silence, we got back in contact again (thanks to Facebook) and joked about our years of youth. By then, I had realized that the girlfriends I had around back then (who again were too many!) Used to act too childish (of course at 18 I didn't see childishness in their acts). From asking him about the wedding date, to bugging him about our argument the night before, without forgetting to debate why he would accept me doing this, does not accept me doing that. In resume, they used to act like any man hates his girlfriend's friends to act. And looking back at it today? I wouldn't even date me!

And today?

At 28 I still blog about drama, because a friend of mine asked me to. Because if I am blessed with my friends, she might be blessed to have me as a friend (humbly; niyyeil elli bibous 'id halo)... but still suffers from such drama from other girls in her entourage (who obviously are stuck somewhere in the past)m

The whole Sorority Drama?

That I quit...


  1. I'm 35 and I suffer from friendship drama if it is from the girls or guys around me. It's sad how people get controling and want to put their nose into everyone's business!

  2. More diplomatic than usual, less sarcasm... afraid to offend someone?!

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  4. “A real diplomat is one who can cut his neighbor's throat without having his neighbor notice it.”
    Why not being a diplomat then? ;)

  5. at any age there's friendship drama, either you pick a fight over it or u just let go, the most important thing is that you know that you have important people in your life who will stood by you in the bad and the good times.... miss u loads myaaaaaaa.... Mwaaaaaaah..

  6. I'm a guy and I can say: rare are the girls who really grow up at 18 and the drama can continue from friends and even family members till forever!
    No ofense to anyone of corse

  7. No offence taken Elie.
    As I said, we tend to carry a little bit of our past with us. Sometimes it's the bad bit :)

  8. The Drama is there anytime, it is how smart we are to take the advantage of it by having a clear view about each and everyone of our entourage... By that time we can see the truth of everyone of our "friends".....

  9. Anyway, its still not the version that was supposed to be published, your next blog has to be about diplomacy ;)

  10. Publishing this blog instead of the other is dimplomacy dear. My aim was to deliver my promise to you, without getting myself misunderstood by the ones around me. All of this, while still being personal as I like to keep my blog personal.
    Not democratic enough? ;)

  11. Anonymous1/12/11 10:41

    My mom used to tell me that the girls will always be bad friends. And that I should never trust them. I think you are lucky you have good friends at 28. -K-

  12. .... and I am blessed to have girl friends (including you sett Yousha) who supports me in good and bad, and my life won't be the same without them ;)