Dec 2, 2011

Not all my blogs are for you!

“Mr. Luck, can you be my friend for a while?”

I’m addicted to social media; I keep my BlackBerry with me at all times, update my picture and personal message according to my mood, state of mind or thoughts; I do the same on msn and Facebook; I blog; I’m thinking of starting to tweet… I even believe Linkedin is the only network that I tend to keep private and professional (Though many of my contacts surprisingly don’t!).

While all of social media addicts act this way, they tend to forget that sometimes we set a picture or a status just because we like it, we share a blog or an article just because it is objective and good to read.  And while most of the time we want to deliver a certain message to someone, some rare times we want to deliver no message to anyone.

From a psychological point of view, when someone feels offended or concerned, it is because he relates himself to the subject.

Let’s take an example:
Post a display about missing someone, the message will be delivered to this person probably because he/she will feel concern (if you feel a status or a display is addressed to you, then it probably is). 
But it doesn’t stop here!
It’s now your chance to uncover all the nosey people on your list (who didn’t talk to you for the past 2 months) and will ask you now, “who do you miss”?

And another example:
Post a display about disappointment and find out who’s nosey enough to ask what happened, who’s caring enough to ask for help, and then above all, who feels he disappointed you.
Oh well, he’ll simply feel concern and show worrying in your display more than anyone else!

I won’t lie and say I’m an angel here! I often use my displays and personal messages to deliver a certain idea, feeling or message… not because I’m too weak to say it directly, but because some things are better left unsaid (to avoid arguing with people we love, but who still upset us). 

But if things are better left unsaid, it doesn’t mean the messages shouldn’t be delivered at all!
They should be delivered, just not said!
And those who feel concerned? 
They will understand them…

When I blog for instance, I accept subjects and ideas from many of my friends: I debate it with them, reach a conclusion, and write it down.  Sometimes I write down what they cannot write (for a reason or another).  Sometimes I blog for them, not for me; some of the subjects I wouldn’t even debate or put down in public myself.  But even when I do so, I keep a touch of myself in them.  Because my blogs are personal.  And the conclusions?  Well they always hold a piece of my heart.

While I make sure my blog contains no names or public content (and never will unless with the consent of the second party), I cannot deny that my blog is about myself. 
And myself means my life.
And my life contains my friends (present or past).
And my present and my past make my experience.
And my experience gives me life lessons.
And valuable life lessons make good writing material.
And good writing material is blog material!

Today I blog.
I blog for myself.  Because in writing I express my deepest thoughts.
I blog for my friends who enjoy reading what I write.
I blog to deliver my way of thinking. One that might be different than others. But just as good as others!
I blog to share my experience with others, interact with friends and readers, share opinions…

When I change a display picture, set a personal message or a status? It’s just like when I blog…

I’m not here to tell you how to read or what to think. 
When you feel targeted? You probably are (whether I know you personally or not).
When you don’t, read between the lines because you probably are.

You know…
Opinions don’t have to be the same, we can debate.
I love debates! (as long as I win at the end).

So my social media update, they are for you, him and her. 

But at the end, none of us is the center of the universe.
And my updates, not all of them are for you!

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