Dec 27, 2011

Happy 2012!

It’s THAT time of year (again) when we sit to write down the New-Year’s resolutions.  A few days before the beginning of the New-Year, we should all have our list ready (and we’ll follow it, as usual, for one week or 12 after “les 12 coups de minuit”).

Me? I’m no different! But my list, I’ll follow it for the full year of 2012. Yes, I will!
Me? I just want to make a difference…

This New-Year, I will not start it with a diet!
You see, since I want to make a difference and succeed in all my resolutions, I need to be realistic! With all the festivities and my Birthday coming up in the first week of February (save the date people!), I do not want to bluff myself (and everyone around me) and resolve to start a diet (that I will end up failing); therefore, w min el ekhir, I will not start my New-Year with a diet!

In 2012, I will not register at the new Gym…
Just like the (always failed) diet plan, I realize now (it’s mature that I realize, no?) that the money I spend at the beginning of every year on gym registration is lost money; I would rather spend these amount on winter sales shopping; it starts with the New-Year after all, no?

I’m making peace with my old enemy… chocolate!
There is a famous saying that goes: “There is more to life than chocolate, but not right now”.  And I kind of like it.  Therefore, I won’t complicate my life, I’ll simply not give up on chocolate and indulge myself with its bits and pieces anytime and anywhere.  I’ll publicly enjoy my resolution instead of claiming to be on a diet and eat chocolate, in the kitchen, while no one is watching.

In 2012, I am staying away from my family.
The quality time I need is with my son, mom, dad and friends. Why bluff and say I miss my aunt and uncle and can’t stand living without them? I love them, yes. We’re blood related after all.  But the real quality time I need is definitely not with them. So for everyone who fits into that category: so long guys, I’ll see you at weddings and funerals (may they not be many) and for coffee in 2013 perhaps. I might be missing you by then!

I will stop being lazy on my days off!
Instead of sending the full day in bed (when my son is not home of course), I will start doing an effort to move out of bed, with my blanket, to the TV room and watch a full movie without falling asleep! Who can top such energy?

I will start to be creative at work…
You know, handling a newly launched blog and launching my book writing have been such an exhaustion to me in the past few months that I am highly failing to keep it up and be creative at work. And my boss? Oh well, I’m noticing he’s starting to get bored from the same old excuse.  For this, and in order to keep my position at the office, I will make an effort to be more creative with my absence excuses at work; so long to the flat tire and migraine! (for my co-workers who are reading, chill guys… it’s just a joke for the sake of the blog).

I’ll focus on 1 chatting operator when talking to my friends
Seriously now, I, myself, sometimes wonder why I need to message the same person on MSN, BBM, Whatsapp, FB inbox, FB chat and e-mail him/her at the same time to say the same thing! And if helshe doesn’t reply, I would text to make a missed call (to both phone numbers… all Lebanese carry around 2 phone numbers) to grab his/her attention!  This year, all of this will stop, I’ll learn to stick to one and only medium and make the most out of it. Okay, maybe 2 or 3!
In 2012, I won’t worry much.
I’ll read more.
I’ll write more.
I’ll blog more.
I’ll finish my book (yeah right! *whispers my corrector*).
I won’t be moody –no wait, I’ll still be a girl, I got to be moody!-.
I’ll cut my hair.
I’ll grow my hair.
I’ll take-up a new habit.

Okay, I just chose my new habit!
I will, for once, stick to my New-Year resolutions!


  1. hehehe good one Yousha ;)

  2. lol 7abbeit! though i didn't like the Gym part, because I already registered 3ala amal enno tfoute ma3e!