Apr 2, 2012

"All that is gold, does not glitter"...

Looking around me every morning, I see no great excuse to get out of bed; the weather is by far the ugliest at this time of year, as if "winter" and "spring" were in a continuous fight. While knowing that "spring" will end up winning, I still can not kick away the monotone thoughts of the winter season; it was long and heavy... so heavy my shoulders began to hurt.

Yet I move. Every morning as the sun is rising, I move out and spend a long day at work, followed by a newly established exercising routine, some outing with friends or quality time with those I care about.

I begin to forget about the heaviness that I felt on my shoulder that same morning. By 9 am actually, I start smiling again... The closer I look to what I have, the more blessings I feel. Everything around me is colorful and bright. Spring is just around the corner and the birds are just getting ready to start singing.

I sit back and think deeply into my feelings and latest reactions. Outside the window, the sky is full of grayish clouds. It's not as sunny and warm as I'm feeling and the birds are still hiding from the cold wind.

My feeling? It's just a matter of attitude. Of acknowledgment and appreciation.

After all, "All that is gold, does not glitter" and the pleasures of life do not always shine under our nose... We just need to sit back, relax and accept them in order to feel and enjoy them.

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