Apr 29, 2012

Tell me who your friends are...

I grew up believing that the more good people I have around me, the better image I will reflect of myself.

And a while ago, someone I know (and love) did something socially unacceptable (that I even did not accept). But I refused to remove this person from my friend zone. And here is why...

I am a girl who believes that everyone is nice until proven opposite.
I am someone who turns her back to her enemies instead of hurting them back; that's God's job after all, not mine.
I do not "use" people; not emotionally, socially and definitely not financially.
But above all those, I am a person who does not believe in social tags and who learned that hanging-up with "socially accepted" people is just another social tag.

Looking at my friends, I have them all. I have those who are nerds and accumulate degree after another, I have the party freaks who know every PR person in town (they can get us anywhere at anytime!), I have the family lovers, the eternal single ones, the ones who are faithful no matter what, the ones who are not (...no matter what). I have those who are ambitious, those who are not. I have the christians and the muslims. The religious and the not so religious. Those who want to marry a millionaire, those who want a guy they control not a man they support. I have those who, at 28, still believe in fairy tales and those who, at 25, know that love is a matter of conviction in the other person. I have those still cry at Disney movies (oh no! That would actually be me) and those who never even watched Mickey Mouse.

I have a little bit of everything. A little bit of everyone. The good. The bad.

If I was to listen to the society I come from? I would be all of the above.

And if I am (all of the above), then I would seriously be suffering of some kind of schizophrenia... the serious kind!

I am just myself. Me.A definition of my own actually.

And my friends?
They are different from me but I love each and everyone of them. For who they are.

It's just them.
Tell me who your friends are, I tell you NOT who you are.

I tell you simply you're a good friend who embraces all people... because everyone hides something good deep inside...

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