Apr 23, 2012

Wlak hiyyé aslan isma Beirut!

Hamra? Anno el Gemayzé battalit mniha ye3né?
Hinné wein w nehna wein… ana wlédé ma baddé yerbo ma3oun!
Lah ya binté, chou n2ata3o el chabeib el masihiyyé bil balad?
Baddik todharé ma3 wahad minnoun, stoflé. Bass sorry ana 3a bayté ma bifout… On dine dans un restaurant.
Tu as vu la fille de Christian jarna? khatabit wa7ad Indien ! Un indien… ma 3irfit tlé’é un Libanais ni un Français!
Ana bass baddé ifham chou byitla3o bya3imlo bi Harrissa w Saint Charbel!
Ma na2ayti gheir muslim ?! ma kein fiké tle’ilik chi wahad orthodox masalan ? 3milte adrab min binta la Jeanette!

Eh walla ya Jeanette !

I walk down the streets of Beirut often to hear the above statements and feel my heart burning inside. As if we did not have enough already. As if civil war did not burn our childhood, our parent lives, their childhood, our grand-parents youth. As if civil war did not burn the whole country.

There was war. True. But it’s over now. Also true. So I wonder… Why do we still live raising our children on racism? Why do we still differenciate people according to their religion, skin color, nationality, etc?

Blondes are shallow. Philippinas make good house helpers (but we call them maids… mitil bil 3aser el hajaré!). Indians are ruling the Gulf region, they eat curry and nod their heads. Russians are prostitutes. French live in dirt. Italians are mafia mobs. Germans are scrooge. Bahrainis are bad and uneducated people. Saudis are worst (Their Harvard degrees prove it!). Egyptians are funny and stupid.

Lebanese rock!

Well, they rock to a certain extend! They rock as long as they belong to our religion. Better, they rock as long that they belong to the same religious sect that we belong to. 

Gharbiyyé, shar’iyyé. 
Sunnite, Shiite, Maronite, Orthodoxe…
Byerka3 aw bisallib.
Bisallib bil khamsé aw bil tleté!

Ibné ma bifout 3a hal jemi3.
Binté ma bkhalliya t2addis 3inid el Orthodoxe !

Khallina bil Gemayzé lyom… baléha nazlit el Hamra… el Hamra bil gharbiyyé !

Wlik akh ya Jeanette… and we want to call this, a country ?
Mich 3ayb?

Gharbiyyé. Shar2iyyé. Haydé Beirut ya jame3a!

Wlak mich 3a aseis el “libneiné” msa2af w m3allam w byet3eyash ma3 el kill?

Isma Beirut! Tout court!

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  1. Domage! c'est la verite...je ne peux pas immagine comment on est encore comme ca... serieusement DOMAGE!