Sep 9, 2016

Summer Blues.....

After a long summer break it’s kind of time to come back to blogging.

Hello you all, you’ve been missed!

And while I am extremely happy to go back to writing and pick back my ignored modest skills  that went missing between tanning sessions, weddings and sunset drinks, I must admit I almost got tears in my eyes reading all those “Hello September” posts.  What’s so special about September after all?

While I must admit nature’s colors look oh-so-lovely with the beginning of autumn (well at least on the professional pictures everyone shares on my various timelines), I see nothing similar to that flaming orange and wonderful red in reality. In fact, summer is coming to an end, there is nothing fun in that.  The weather is more unpredictable than a woman on her PMS period! The wind blows every 10 minutes ruining those last tanning days. The water is cold (bye bye swimming!). The nights are breezy  and chill ruining those last rooftop nights and crazy parties. Viruses hit the block. Everyone got allergies, flues and all type of sickness one can imagine. And yet I still see those Hello September posts popping around as if it was the trend of the season… when you got nothing to post online, you post what everyone else is posting right?

Soon it will be winter time again and those long gloomy mornings where I (and many of you) would be dreaming back of the next summer break and counting down the days to it.

Until then, there is one good thing going on, at least for me: dear readers, my summer break is over and I’m back to blogging!

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