Sep 23, 2011

I hate the rain… in Beirut!

I hate the rain…

Though I dream of living in Switzerland, visiting New-York in winter and enjoying the view of a Parisian night with its streets covered in a white snow coat, I can’t help but hate rain in Beirut!

Just by hearing the “bad news” on the weather reports last night, I started feeling cramps in my stomach! I looked in the mirror over 10 times repeating to myself everything is going to be just fine, last year’s incidents won’t happen all over again… after all, those were last year… (for those wondering which incidents, please be patient!)

And so, with a large smile on my face, I did my manicure, my pedicure, showered, brushed my hair and got ready to face an amazing Friday morning…

Fridays usually denote the beginning of a week-end in Beirut, and often enough I am excited to wake-up early in the morning and greet everyone with a happy (almost singing) voice: Gooood morning sunshine!

Sun? That is one thing not on the agenda for today…

Though I love the rain, the snow and the storms; Though I love cuddling in bed, watching a good DVD with a bowl of pop-corn while it is raining outside; Though the storms can be exciting and scary at once… Something has happened to me the past few years… “Beirut in the rain” has happened to me!

I hate the rain… more specifically... I hate the rain in Beirut.

I hate the fact that my Blackberry service goes down every other day as long as it’s raining. I hate the fact that my mobile service goes down 3 or 4 times a week too!

I hate that I have to live by the candle because electricity and rain are not best friends!

I hate the fact that the Lebanese roads are not properly equipped with a sewage system, which leaves us with plenty of water ponds all around. I hate the fact that the asphalt on the roads is not adequate for rainy weather, which increases the accidents rates… starting by myself (those who know me well are probably laughing now…).
I hate it when people start panicking and lose their driving skills (not that many have them anyway!).  It’s like they are broadcasting a message saying: Hey, it’s raining… let’s drive stupid!

I hate rain in Beirut because people become so dull… everyone wants to stay in because it’s raining! Some lose their logic too and start wearing long sleeves, boots and drinking red wine to keep warm while it’s still warm outside, and if it wasn’t of the rain, they would be partying in their “all matchy” outfit on the beach somewhere!

I hate rain in Beirut for some “blondy” reasons too…

I hate rain in Beirut because I can’t wear my heels anymore… who can run in heels to escape the rain on the non-equipped roads of the town?

I hate rain in Beirut because my make-up will not stop falling apart (no, wearing waterproof make-up won’t help here!) and because my hair will keep on freezing and losing its style and shape.

I hate rain in Beirut because with rain comes snow and cold, and not all of the country, not even all of the shopping malls, are equipped with properly heated systems and I have to over-dress (in quantity not style) in order to stay warm!

I hate rain in Beirut because even though I love Beirut… nothing is equipped to let me enjoy this amazing weather!


  1. I have lived the moment with this description, though they say rain is a sign of goodness but nobody i think wants that type of goodness, you are a strong women as i know you and you'll get to use to the coming 5 months.

  2. Can't it not rain in autumn, so that we have only 3 months of winter in Beirut? :D