Sep 5, 2011

A little bit of me...

We are what our past made us. We are the results of our smiles, laughs, tears, disappointments; of our joys, depressions, achievements. We are the results of our dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

Starting my blog was a hard decision; I did not want to end up sharing articles others were writing… I needed to commit to write my own articles, share my own thoughts… and I hate sharing… not my thought at least.
You know, opening-up on the way you think, on your actions and reactions, explaining your own decisions and points of view can be destructive as much as constructive.

They say showing the real you might open the window to many to love you. I say it also opens the window to many to hurt you by discovering the real you, your weaknesses, your emotions… Just like when I was a little girl and my parents knew how much my best friend meant to me; whenever they wanted to punish me, they forbid me from seeing her… It was like they were punishing me through her… They just didn’t realize how harmful it was for me.

Opening-up to anyone and everyone is the same today; However, I am not a little girl anymore and my own emotions and reactions can’t be used against me now. I am who I am and this blog is just:
A little bit of me…

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