Sep 8, 2011

The top-10 must have for a perfect Lebanese Beach day…

Once upon a time, going to the beach was all about sun-tanning, relaxing, swimming and spending some quality time with friends and family member… maybe also play a little bit of Tennis or Basket Ball, walk on the sea side… mmmm it was all about what it isn’t now!

Now that the new era is here, a new guide must be set in order to help you all change the vision you had, once upon a time, of a perfect beach day!

1- The Crowd
Girls, boys, singles, engaged or married… everyone is allowed at the Lebanese beaches… apparently except for children! What used to be an almost “family only” activity is now the new “clubbing” experience of the region! Almost anyone and everyone is “partying” on summer Sundays; Say bye-bye to masses and family reunions and kiss the gathering lunches good-bye!

2- The Swimsuit
Bikinis are a must! Plain, colored, with glitters or glossy material; everything works as long as it is a bikini!
Well I believe I just said it all… No need for your Speedo, goggles or nose protection clips anymore… Who’s going to swim? Most of you will be lucky to see a girl wetting her hair! (Why would anyone ruin her $10 brushing?)

3- The Accessories
From the beach outfit, to the earings… passing by the bracelets, the belly button, the anklet, (drop the necklace… you don’t want to over-do it after all!), the matching nail polish (it takes you 10 minutes to change that red into a fuchsia with the really quick dry new nail polish releases. Contact me for my favorite brand!), the hat, the bag, the towel… everything must be a perfect match! Those accessories? They are “beach-exclusive” ONLY!

4- The High-Heels
As you all notice, the high-heels do not fit under “The Accessories” section.
Why?  Because all by themselves, high-heels at the beach are a phenomenon!
Now seriously, aren’t you girls too tired after Saturday’s night party (Where you were wearing high heels of course)? I tried myself to go out on a Saturday night (wearing high heels) and then wear heels again on Sunday morning (not to the beach of course!) and my feet were a disaster! Seriously, “sisters”…? Is there a secret to that? Please share!

5- The Make-Up
Well last time I checked, they created water-proof mascara and they were using it for the brides on their wedding days… you know, the bride would be emotional, the tears might fill her eyes when she gets her “oh so waited for” solitaire diamond… Ok, ok… let’s not be too harsh, water-proof mascara and a little gloss might be acceptable anywhere and everywhere, even at the beach; they “enhance” natural beauty. But what I really don’t get is the full make-up! Seriously girls, what’s with the “smoky eyes” make-up? Did you look at yourself in the mirror before leaving the house or is it just something you recently learned and want to show off with?

6- The Wine
On Sundays on the Lebanese shores? Everyone and anyone is a wine connoisseur! And the all time favorite is Ksara’s Sunset… Seriously people, I have to agree that the Rosé wine is the best to have in the sun, but has anyone tasted another Rosé?

7- The Music
After the excessively loud music from Saturday evening’s party at White or Skybar, you would think Lebanese want to relax on Sundays… Have a Lazy day… A Lazy Sunday! But hey… who are we kidding here? A phone call or two and here is a list of our favorite Lebanese DJs and their residence resorts for the week-end… I wonder if those people even sleep!

8- The “Valid” Phone
(Beware not to drop it in the water, the following listed phones, under the “valid” categories, were proven NOT to be waterproof!)
Your phone is not a valid phone unless it is an iPhone or a Blackberry; They allow you to automatically update your status on Facebook, Twitter, to discuss with your friends (who suffered from last night’s hangover) what they are missing over WhatsApp and bbm (BlackBerry messenger) and… well that’s about it! Because if your phone rings when you’re at the beach, you can’t really answer it because of the loud music (#7) and you’ll be too tipsy anyway because of the wine, sun and no water on the head combination (#2, 6 & 10)

9- The Camera
Girls, belly buttons, DJ, the crowd, the pool, the people inside the swimming pool, the girls you know, the hot chicks you don’t know, the alcohol, the champagne, the sunset (the actual sunset, not the wine bottle)… everything and anything is considered to be “hot” material for the Facebook photo album that you will upload as soon as you reach your house tonight.
Do not forget to use your mobile camera and add “teasing” pictures to your “Mobile Uploads” album, during the day, from the beach!

10- The SUN!
I’m not sure the sun is even a must have (anymore) for a perfect Lebanese beach day but well… I just had a 10th spot to fill here!

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