Mar 1, 2016

They call it plastic, I call it beauty.

Being part of the 2016 society, I am also part of the millions of people who undergo plastic surgeries and cosmetics interventions every day.  

Now being part of the Lebanese society, I am just like each and every individual out there, I struggle daily with a debate of pros and cons related to plastic surgeries and cosmetic interventions. (Oh yes, almost every Lebanese, male or female, has done something to enhance his appearance).

While some might think the second part of my introduction here-above is somehow an accusation, I strongly confirm it is not. In fact, today I will share my own experience and point of view in relation to plastic surgery.

If we look at the definition of plastic surgeries and cosmetic interventions, we notice they vary from simple jobs like facial peelings that aim to increase skin glow, to more complicated ones such as breast augmentation and tummy tucks, passing by nose jobs, face lifts, botox and filling injections, teeth straightening and whitening, breast reduction, fat removal, cosmetic tattoos, etc…  and while such interventions can and may happen for apparent various health reasons, some individuals (women and men)  decide to undergo them for a major non-apparent health reason: the well-being.

Few years back, I decided to undergo a nose job.  My decision was mainly faced by a wide opposition from many family members, friends and even plastic surgeons.  Not that I have a weak personality or that I let myself get affected by what other people think i should and should not do, but after all the negative vibes I got out there, especially from professionals who thought I did not need to reconstruct my nose, I kept postponing my surgery.

Then one day In September I woke up deciding I just want to get it done.  To my “luck”, my doctor discovered that I have few complications that are increasing my migraine and breathing problems and urged me to undergo the operation right away.  Such urge came not to encourage me, but to shut those who were against such operation and reduce the negative vibes around me.

Today, at 32, I have a cosmetic tattoo on my eyebrows and a nose job done. I had braces when I was younger, a teeth whitening session and a face peeling.

Some might say I talk freely about my interventions because I am not a public figure therefore I am not a candidate for strong criticism.

The truth is I grew old fully and publicly supportive of cosmetic interventions when done right. I believe that one should do everything possible to feel good, and if feeling good is linked to looking good then be it.

I do not believe that a girl needs to lose a breast to cancer to have the right of implants without public criticism. Neither does she have to be a TV host to hide the wrinkles on her face.  A man does not have to break a nose to have it fixed without being called names.  And a twenty-something does not have to be a bride to have her teeth whitened.

Yes, I will have fillers when I need them and I will not hide it, just like I did not hide my nose job when I had it.

No, I will not have breast or any kind of other implants. At least not for the moment. And yes, if I ever go there, I will not hide and deny it.  


Simply because just like exercising, changing a hair color, upgrading a wardrobe, etc. any type of enhancement to the looks and body is acceptable as long as done right.

So for all of you girls and boys going under the knife and not looking like a walk-around Barbie doll?

Now for all the Barbie and Ken lookalikes, honestly people, I pity you! Beauty interventions are here to enhance what you look like, not change you to look nothing like what you were.

Now, peace out ;)

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