Mar 23, 2016

Health and Fitness - Easy Tricks To Eat Less

When it comes to reducing your food intake, it is not only about the quality and quantity of food you are processing but also the habits you take before, during and after meals.

Therefore, I decided to list few easy tricks that can help you reduce your hunger and control your intake:

1. Drink water
I hate water. All those who know me know it drives me nauseous. However I learned that have a glass of water before and after each meal not only hydrates you but also helps you highly control your eating habits. Sparkling water is my life saver!

2. Wait 30 minutes before having a second plate
The brain originally needs 20 to 30 minutes to process the order of your stomach that it is full. Measure your meal, eat, have your water and rest. Before you know it you'll start feeling less hungry and at ease with the one portion you just had. 

3. Start with a salad
Colors are healthy. Have a lot of them! They are the easy/healthy/less calorific way to fill your stomach. Beware of your dressing choice though!

4. Find your body pace
Whether you pick 3 meals a day or 3 meals intervalled with snacks, try to find your own pace. I, for instance, learned that snacking doesn't work for me and keeps me wanting more and eating around the clock. 

5. Serve your food in smaller plates
Smaller plates mean smaller portions.  And no matter how smart that brain of yours is, trust me, you can trick it!

6. Don't eat infront of the TV
Especially not action movies!

7. Don't eat when upset
That's what we call comfort meals. And comfort meals never fill your stomach, they only work on the hips and belly. 

8.  Sleep well
No matter how many times we repeat it, 7 to 9 hours of sleep are a must. Sleep! As much as you can. You burn calories when you sleep too by the way!

9. Ditch the "Healthy Snacks"
As simple as that is: there is nothing called healthy chips, popcorn or variety of things to nibble on. You want to bee healthy? Go green and turn lettuce into your best friend! And dark chocolate is not less fatty than regular chocolate, it still has butter in it!

Now that the rules are set, say hello to a healthier you!

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