Mar 31, 2016

Men, women - The First Date

Online connectivity, 24/7 chats, open-ended relationships, casual buddies, friends with benefits, everything, literally EVERYTHING around us is putting end, slowly, to that First Date night, that hype and excitement both a guy and a girl once felt.

But I believe in first dates. Today, in 2016, I still believe in those!
As a friend once told me: “A date is not a date unless he picks you from the house”… with a flower I might add!

Those who know me enough know that I am not an endless romantic person. I am rather a down to earth one. Of course I am sensitive and emotional but I also have a high sense of logic and logic.  Sometimes I might even “kill the moment” because I overanalyze and thinks things, out loud.  I demand and need a logical answer to anything. I set a timeframe to end an argument. I write the pros and cons of every conversation I ever have with a man. I ignore the cons when I am emotional of course. But above all those: I believe in first dates.

“Prince Charming” does not have to come on a white horse with a red flower.  But he can come with a flower or a chocolate box. Why not!
The home pick-up and first glimpse courtesy is definitely a must, no girl doesn’t like to be called cute or pretty (guys, avoid using the term “hot” on a first date!).  The dinner date, dessert, good talk and laugh can’t be replaced.  The walk back to the home door, good night kiss and hand touch are ageless and worth millions!

No, this has nothing to do with romance and non-realistic expectations. But living in the era of technology and non-communication, I strongly believe it is important to keep some basic steps of dating: the first date fuss, the one-on-one monthly dates, the quality time spent together.  All those intimate and “alone” moments that make the couple feel alive, existing and real! After all, there is nothing more annoying and unreal than those friends I see continuously going out in groups and discussing a potential marriage (sorry but all I can hear is a secret recipe to a divorce!).

So girls, dream big and don’t accept to be called a “date” unless you are treated like a real one.
Guys… it’s time you turn the game button on: go pick that girl of yours up tonight for a tête-à-tête dinner. It’ll be a blast!

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